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Same thing comes up again to my life

summer began and i can't even injoy it .

there's no school there's no place , run away too

i'm stacking here

inside that house

ya they called him home

but i don't feel like it's my home

it's really not

mom's here looking at me like what the hell are you thinking you gonna be doing here


or laying in bed

not really

come and help me

and yaa i hate that look of her's

the look that i really sound like him

the person that she hates

the most person she does anything to not spend a day with him again


the only person that doesn't want me or he does

but i still not know how i feel about him

the only man i hate and love at the same time

he's bad in a good way

need to found a place

a place that can hug me

warm me

make me feel safe

make me stop wondering what's going on

and what will happen

maybe I'm dramatic like they say

maybe I'm not

but all I ask for is someone that can feel me

I don't have confidence in me

i know

and the first time I wrote in this diary because I wanted to feel wanted

not to feel famous but in same how the feeling of not being hated

i always feel that way

not knowing why

and wanting it too

but not knowing how

and still wanting it too .

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