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is it my fault ?

is it my fault cause i look like him

i act like him

is it my fault that i am not good daughter to u ?

i don't know anymore if it's or not

searching for answers that no one want to give, really hate the way i live, really every piece of my life ... i need someone that's already had the same feelings cuz i do feel good when i talk about it to someone who really feel and understand wha am i talking about .



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Oluwadamilola :

I experienced this while growing. I became a better person and began inspiring others ever since I fully understood and became conscious of the fact that I am fully responsible how I feel and react...

Toxxix :

Im kinda in a situation similar but slightly different, I'm new but I'm here if you want to talk! Stay Strong!

Chopin :

i would really like to talk you, and welcome to the club, you won't regret it [email protected] :

Chopin :

 Yeah it gives you a horrible feeling , but it just takes time so u can control it, thanks for the comment @Oluwadamilola :