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It's been a week now I've been write in my laptop because i did want to let this anger inside me to help a bit to write a story or something but it didn't so i come back to the only thing and place where i do found safe because no one really knows my identity. so it's been a big week and a hard one especially for me, i had the last relationship with my family, it's my mom, or i should say she used to be but no anymore we had a big fight and then i take a bus and come back to home. you know we always fight it's not the problem but the idea of she kicked me out like from her house, like the same way my dad did it's kinda weird that they hate each other but at the same, they do the same thing with the same way.

I've been searching for a job but sadly i found nothing so i'm here writing again all the pain i keep inside me.

And bad news too,


I've been excluded from school and the program i was studying and i can tell no one and especially my boyfriend because he was the only person supporting me with the whole thing and if he knows i am sure that he would be hurt i am sure even if he pretends not because he was sure i would passe the test and i would win those fights i hade with my mom and prove her wrong but sadly i didn't.

and not forgetting that i cheat on him and i am dying every time.

Fuck I'm just in mess.

and i can't really get out of it.

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Oluwadamilola :

Hello darling over there. You need to do but one thing. Take a deep breath, all these problems will disappear soon enough. The bigger the problems, the stronger and more successfully we become. You need to agree sincerely that you are fully responsible for how you feel and react. All these pains are inevitable but they will surely uplift you. You need to surround yourself with loving people to help you get in touch with the same divine feeling within you...You exist for a greater purpose and you need to go through all of these path to get to that great destination. I am not making efforts to pacify you. Its the truth I am sharing, you need to accept this truth and you will do just fine

Chopin :

Yes, thanks you for your comment that what i'm doing know surrounding me by loving people and beliving that's my fault nd im the  only one who can change it and make through it.

Oluwadamilola :

Good!! We will get past through it