2019 - Week 36

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Basically is everyone allowef to live in politness some people arent living there lives at homr and they dont feel good and there not living in impoverished way like its mainly the human fair treatment and home emotional value living and natural feelings and thinking they have and they have more answers than me in life and they dont live unfairly and some people need to leave the house to get fairness also if there not getting justified in there house that means they should leave because it means they have bad parelities which belongs belongs to the worlds parelity where theres too much politness and there using too much telepathy which is for there own needs instead of using it for working on something but some
Basically its wrong to take so much away from deprived person and
Only this year 3 people died but usally no who is close to me dies i think the year we are in like the year mean something towards me and something else basically it means we are all meant to go through whether people are special to live and also if someone whose going through
Human rights as human being
Like being human make and biological make and
I carry so much bad parelity for you people amd entities you shouldnt deform me but they should think about my problems and
dont restrict mu human rights
Society cant find out about telepathy through secual human charity unless there people who i know and it has to not be about being attractive to find out about telepathy and there have to not about using my resources and be about human rights as in entity rights and stuff

and restrict my human rights
I rather look good to men and boyd just not secual disgusting men who are rapists you shouldn't listen to my music because your hearing something else and im hearing something else as in your hearing different messages in my music im hearing something else but thats my resources
Your heart is resources you do relise that

But its like you hate peoplle like your mum but mum is strong so she get her way
The reason im saying this is because someone telling me to talk about what is hu
Dont worry about I'll shut up about that

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