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Since the last release of Diariste phone application, you can film your memories anywhere and integrate them into your online diary.

Diariste is the only website to offer you unlimited store for your photos, your voice and your videos. It is also the only one to offer you the opportunity to have a diary by recording video from your webcam.

We are pleased to introduce a big new features on Whether a GoPro video of your exploits, a video archive of your childhood, video editing made ​​by yourself, or simply a moment of your life taken with a camera... you can now add to your diary ! \o/

Is simple! Add a video entry, select a video file and save it in your private or public diary! All video files are accepted : .mp4 , .mov, .avi, .mpg, .wmv, .mkv , .mts...

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very nice!!!!! :)