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Since you've landed on this page, you're ready to discover your new Diariste: more spacious, more streamlined, but above all, more… personal. Every detail of the site has been redesigned to enhance the user experience, both in terms of simplicity and user-friendliness.

Let's dive into this new space for your memories and discover each of the new features together ;)

Easier to use - a single menu
No more need to search around at the top or to the right... Diariste is now easier to use: all navigation options have been combined into a single menu at the top of the page, divided into 6 main categories, including "Search".

> Tip: you don't have to go into the submenu displayed under the category to access the site's main pages: you can now click directly on the category you want! For example, to view your entries, simply click directly on "My diary" (instead of pointing to "My diary" and then clicking on the "My entries" submenu).

More streamlined - a single page
The newsfeed will be your main page on the site! It provides you with an at-a-glance view of all the news in your diary, as well as from the people you're following. Here, you'll also find "Don't miss", which shows you the most popular entries in the last week, and "Memories", which displays entries made on the same day, but in previous years. You can also use your Calendar to manage your schedule and make sure you don't miss your confidants' birthdays ;)

Some features, like the Notepad, have been moved to the left of the page via a small button :) So, don't worry, it's still there!

> Tip: the whole page is refreshed in real time! Just stay where you are and you'll see all the news appear as and when it happens...

More spacious and more... personal
We've removed the right-hand column and have taken advantage of this new bigger space: now, the entire area is dedicated to your entries. It's like holding an open book between your hands, with the whole page devoted to diary entries and the writer. It's a larger, more comfortable and more personal space.

> Tip: for a more comfortable reading experience, similar to browsing through a book, simply use the arrows on your keyboard to move from one entry to another, enabling you to browse through the writer's diary. Just like the timeline at the top of each entry, use the left arrow to view the most recent entry, and the right arrow to read the oldest entry.

More "you"!

Some great new features will be added shortly, taking full advantage of all these new functions. I'll keep you posted very soon :p

Welcome to this new space for your memories! You know what you have to do now... Tell us everything! ;)

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