What Precautions One Has To Take During The Recovery Period, After Heart Surgery?

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Recovery period after heart surgery

Recovery period after heart surgery

The precautions one has to take during the recovery period, after heart surgery-

Wound care and cleanliness: Wounds have to be kept clean and dry. During bath the wounds can be washed with mild soap and dried with clean towel. Wound should be cleaned with antiseptic solution.

Bone takes 6-8 weeks to heal. It is mandatory that strain on the sternum be avoided during this stage. One should avoid weight-bearing on the hands until 6 weeks. While getting up from bed and lying down, back should be supported by someone. Assistance during bathing is also required.

40-70% of CABG patients are diabetics depending on the geographical location and ethnicity. Diabetics are prone to infection. Apart from wound and body hygiene, one should be careful not to contract infection from external sources.
• Avoid visitors at least during first three weeks and restrict until two months.
• Avoid crowded places and public functions.
• In case of fever, wound discharge, productive cough or urinary symptoms, contact doctor.

Strict adherence to medicines: Some of the medicines prescribed after heart operation are to be taken lifelong. Get advice from your doctor and clear your doubts. Do not stop or modify medicines without consulting your doctor.

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