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Choosing the right domain name for your business or firm is an important decision. As your domain name registration will have an impact on the business you will be dealing with. As there has been an increase in the domain names extension and many new types of domain names are available for booking. .firm is making its presence felt in the domain industry. Number of individuals and businesses are opting for a .firm domain extension as it appeals to the customers and visitors to the website. A .firm domain also shows more authenticity than any other domain name.

As the name suggests that domain name ( is most suitable for any firm such as shops, partnership company, offices and sole proprietorship. As again like any other domain name, it is not mandatory for you to satisfy these conditions to buy it. Anyone can buy this but when you have rather than that, .IN, it gives better credibility and better exposure to your business so you can go for domains. In today’s world visibility is the key to success, the more visible you are more chances you have better chances you have of being recognized.

HostingRaja is a Top Domain Name Registrar in India. We are proud to announce the availability of for registration as it is classified as an Indian Domain these domain names can be targeted within India as well as Outside India.

Importance of .firm with .in

As the .firm domain name is a very popular domain name in itself, when .in is added into .firm it becomes a, this domain becomes much more appealing for Indian Customers and to the Indian visitors visiting the website from abroad. website also fulfills the purpose of SEO, as well as a website, will rank better on an Indian Search engine than its counterpart. More and more Indian Law firms are registering .firm domain names. Pricing

You can purchase a domain from HostingRaja for Rs.320 for one year. You can buy a domain name from HostingRaja for a period of 1-5 years. Once the domain name is expired you can renew the domain name for further time.


What are the valid characters and the minimum and a maximum number of characters for domain names?

Some of the important points that you should remember while registering a domain name.

A domain must have at least 3 and a maximum of 63 characters.
A domain name should start and end with a letter or a number
A domain name should not have a dash (-) on third and fourth position.
A domain should not contain space between characters.
Can I avail a free domain with Hosting Packages?
Yes, you can avail a free domain with our web hosting packages. On purchase of unlimited or premium hosting plans, you can avail this free offer.

How will I host my domain names?

You can buy hosting domain services for domain names. You can order hosting services from us. We have different web hosting plans, you can choose the best web hosting plan according to your website ( needs.

Who is the registry that manages a domain name? manages domain names. They manage all .in related domain names.

How long will it take to register a domain domain name?

As soon as you buy the domain name from us, you will be an owner of your domain name for the time period for which you have purchased. Once the domain name is going to expire you can renew the domain name for an extended period of time.

Start your Website Today

Starting a website on the internet means your booked domain name which needs hosting. HostingRaja is the top hosting ( provider in India. We are known to provide expert 24/7 support to our customers. If you are ready to start your website online buy hosting domain package today. You can contact us anytime through live chat, email, and phone. Our sales representatives are always available to assist you.

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