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The website

  • Why "Diariste"?
    The term "diariste" is a Michèle Leleu neologism derived from English "Diary" (Personal Journal) and the old french "Diaire" (book of reason). It refers to the author of a diary.

  • Is it a free website?
    This site was created with passion, so everyone keeps the traces of the important moments of his life. It has therefore no profit.

    We have implemented an account level Unlimited Diariste allowing the customization of your diary or personal journal. This level can be activated free of charge by helping the site to moderate entries, or via SMS/CB helping the site to finance its infrastructure.

  • Does a version for cell-phone exist?
    We have created a version specially adapted to the mobile phone of the site on :) Going on Diariste with your mobile, you will be automatically directed to this adapted version. If it isn't the case, you can also click on the "mobile Version" link at the bottom of the site.

    Diariste is also available in application for your smartphone on AppStore and Google Play.

  • I receive notifications from diariste, how not receive those any more?
    Diariste doesn't use your email for advertising. The only emails you receive are notices warning you of a new entry, new comment or new message. To no longer receive, just go to the profile page that is located in the top menu.

  • Can I send you ideas?
    Of course! It is thanks to you that the site can continue to improve. Send us your ideas on the Contact page ;)

My diary

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  • I see public entries do I have to write my diary or personal journal in public too?
    Of course not;) You can freely manage each of your entries and choose to make them visible or not by other readers. By default, all the entries you make are private and visible only to you.

  • Can people read the entries of my diary or personal journal?
    Respecting the spirit of a diary or personal journal, you are the only one who can read your private entries.

    If you want to share your entries with other authors, just put them in public entries.

  • Can I allow one person to read one of my private entries?
    By doing a "private entries", you are the only one (e)who can read your entries. You can allow a specific person to read this entry without putting it in public. You can directly put it in "confidant private entry". It will be visible only by you and the confidants of your choice.

  • Why do I not have the right to speak to the readers in my entries?
    When entry in a paper diary or personal journal, is done for oneself. Although the entries may be public, we would like to keep and respect this spirit of diary. It is this spirit that differentiates diariste of a simple blog, and that is that you're here ;)When we write a diary in a notebook, we do it for ourself. Even if the entries can be public, we would like to keep and respect this idea of diary. It is this spirit who make the difference between Diariste and a simple blog, and explain why you are here :)

  • What is the "Live diary"?
    Live diary allows you to tell your day step by step. Whenever you write during the day, all will be grouped in the same entry, with adding hour.

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Unlimited Diariste

  • What is Unlimited Diariste?

    For you, Unlimited Diariste is a subscription that allows you access to + 250 Diariste's features ! Hundreds of backgrounds for your entries, be able to add music, make longer videos entries, add effects to your photos... etc... etc... The full list of features is just above ;)

    For Diariste, Unlimited Diariste is the way to pay the costs of the website (server, name of the website, etc...). It may also create still more new features which cost dear in development as the videos recording for example.

  • How to get Unlimited Diariste?

    Unlimited Diariste is available in 2 ways:
    • Drops : with drops, be purchased by clicking here: + Buy drops
    • Euros : by monthly subscription payment secure. It is possible to disable the subscription anytime or switch to the higher offer by paying only the difference.

  • I can stop Unlimited Diariste when I want?

    Of course! When you wish to stop, simply click on "Disable this form" and thats it.

  • If I disabled Unlimited Diariste, I lose all the features?

    Unlimited Diariste is a subscription that allows you access to + 250 Diariste's features. If you disable Unlimited Diariste, you won't be able to use features for your next entries, but you will not lose features added to your old entries! Background, music or bonus already added on your entries will keep on your entries.

  • I enabled Unlimited Diariste on my computer, I also have to enabled it on tablet or smartphone?

    By enabled Unlimited Diariste on your account, it's enabled everywhere! Therefore, you can use all the features of Diariste on your computer, your tablet or your smartphone, no extra to pay!