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heartandaorta, 2018, February 01 at 13:39
(à vérif.) Is OPCAB Worth The Pain And Effort?

Isn’t it interesting to know that the first ever successful bypass was done as a beating heart operation? This was way back in 1964 by a Russian surgeon, Colosev. But since then the conventional bypass [...]
heartandaorta, 2018, February 01 at 13:30
(à vérif.) How is OPCAB done?

It is clear that OPCAB would be technically more difficult to perform than conventional bypass for the plain fact that the fine surgical work needs to be done while the surface is still moving. There [...]
heartandaorta, 2018, January 29 at 14:31
(à vérif.) Getting Back To Work After Heart Operation: When And How?

One of the biggest concerns in patients’ minds while considering heart surgery is whether he would be able to do the same work as before. On a positive note let me assure you that most of the patients [...]
heartandaorta, 2018, January 29 at 14:20
(à vérif.) Exercise After Heart Operation: What And How Much?

Immediate postoperative period is not the time for heavy exercise schedules. The aim is to get back to routine lifestyle and be active. Let your body decide how much you can exercise! In the first two [...]
heartandaorta, 2018, January 29 at 14:15
(à vérif.) Can All Patients Needing Bypass Have OPCAB?

This is a very technical question and one need to consider many factors before reaching a decision. Even when OPCAB is planned for a certain patient the decision can be changed on the operating table [...]
heartandaorta, 2018, January 29 at 14:06
(à vérif.) All You Wanted To Know About "Beating Heart" Bypass Operation!

Bypass operation on (then) Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh occupied the headlines for some time. Dr. Singh made a rapid recovery and is back on the main stage. The event has brought the focus on one [...]
Yasha, 2018, January 26 at 15:40
(à vérif.) Scared

I feel so much these last days before my travel ,And I need to write it down It’s better than keeping it in my mind I’m afraid and at the same time excited Let’s start with the excitment feeling,I will have the chance to visit a new country,live there for 5 months and that’s an experience that [...]
simpson52debrah, 2018, January 21 at 15:20
(à vérif.) South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: How to cheer up your dog

Let us begin this post with a famous saying: “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” Majority of us will definitely agree with this quote especially those who have a pet dog. A dog can be your best friend that can also give you undying loyalty, care, and love. [...]
simpson52debrah, 2018, January 16 at 15:09
(à vérif.) South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review

3 stappen voor het waarborgen van uw hond de veiligheid in het Park Het verhogen van een hond als een toegevoegd lid van de familie kan een levensveranderende reis. Van een schattig en klein dier in een sterke en enorme maar betrouwbare en trouwe huisdier is iets wat je echt zal uitkijken naar elke [...]
chadwalk3, 2018, January 15 at 09:48
(à vérif.) Sharing The Melodies Of Love 2017

When we say "Christmas Season", the first thing that you'll think about as a child or an adult aside that it is the birthday of Jesus are gifts, right? It is that time of the year when gifts are the symbol [...]
simpson52debrah, 2018, January 03 at 15:06
(à vérif.) South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: Tips on keeping the optimum health for your pets

Adding adorable and dependable pets as a member of the family will always be a great decision for most households. You will have a companion and a source of joy at the same time. But as an owner of those lovely beings, you must also guarantee the healthy state of both body and mind of your pets and [...]
KaitlynorAnnabelle, 2018, January 01 at 03:28
(à vérif.) What a way to kick-off New Year's Just Beginning

Me and my sister just ain't doing anything right. We had a small what we call a campfire out in the back-yard and a effing pig pulled up telling us too extinguish it or get a ticket. We were both pretty-well [...]
Jennifers TinklePoop
Jennifers TinklePoop, 2017, December 17 at 01:54
(à vérif.) I am ditching my email address for this account so this is my last

Gmail wants a phone number for my email account and I don't have one. Since I am the only SQUAW here for now, this is what's going down in my tee-pee. I made some tamales yesterday putting benefiber in [...]
Katelyn or Lee Anne
Katelyn or Lee Anne, 2017, December 12 at 02:36
(à vérif.) This is my first Diary, well, our first Diary

We just got introduced to this Diary from our cousins that just moved in a couple miles away. We would like too say more except we didn't realize till the alarm went off that we need to wake up Annabelle and Tiffany to get them ready for school. I just pray they haven't already missed their bus. BYE
Our Newest Start on Life
Our Newest Start on Life, 2017, December 09 at 04:39
(à vérif.) Talk about being sick, we were stuck in traffic

Aunt Rachel came and got us and on the way too her house we were stuck in traffic. We had no choice but too go on ourselves since there are no restrooms in the car. BYE.