Diariste's Terms of use

The following conditions describe the terms and conditions under which Diariste provides this Service to users registered on the website, hereinafter referred to as members.

1. Description of the Service

Diariste provides to its members an online diary or personal journal, meaning personal pages openly accessible allowing the Member the publication of content in different formats (text, pictures, etc). A diary or personal journal provides an interface allowing a registered member to comment the various published articles. Diariste provides an interface to facilitate the publication and the administration of various articles written by the Member.

The content published by the Member, the extracts, or a description of his diary or personal journal can be aggregated on one or several pages of the main website of Diariste, and are likely to be indexed by search engines. Diariste cannot guarantee that a content posted by a member won't be available to the public if the Member does not use the "private entry" functionality provided by the interface.

Diariste reserves the right to modify the Service extensively and without notice to the Member.

Diariste may at any moment, with ou without notification or justification, set off the service terms or the rights of a Member in this service. No refund can be requested.

2. Conditions for registration to the Service

The Member States have at least 16 years old.

You can have your own personal online diary or personal journal, it's free at Diariste! Register now by filling the blanks.

The member has to be aware that the moment of subscription and the IP address used will be preserved in order to collaborate with the police in case of a complaint filed against him.

3. Obligations of the member

The Member undertakes to enter a non-obvious password for its identification on the site. The Member will be considered as the author of any action done by a user identified by his/her password on the website.

The Member undertakes to give a good email adress and read notifications sent in the form of email messages by Diariste.

The member shall remain solely responsible for the content published on his diary or personal journal. Diariste shall not be held responsible for any content hosted on its pages.

The attention of the Member is drawn in particular to the illegal aspects such as: the infringement of intellectual property rights, the infringement of human rights, the insult to natural persons or corporations, the defamation against natural persons or corporations, and in general the publication of both illegal and offensive content (fraud, scam, money games, incitement to ethnic or racial hatred, incitement to crime, incitement to dangerous practices). Please note that any violation of this statements is cause for permanent suspension of the member's diary or personal journal and his account.

Otherwise Diariste formally prohibits the following uses for the diary or personal journal:
- The diary can't be used for the sole purpose of promoting another website or product.
-The massive creation by the Member of diaries or pages of similar and repetitive content in the sole purpose of promoting a diary or personal journal, a website or a service in search engines is prohibited.
-The Member may submit in his diary or personal journal a content related to programs providing compensation for clicks on links or automatic navigation websites.

The Member further agrees not to use his diary or personal journal to "settle accounts". The diary or personal journal will not be used for the purpose of gossiping or slander his enemies, for the purposes of revenge or argument parallel to the execution of an instruction of justice.

Any member providing through his diary of obscene, defamatory or pornographic content, inciting violence (against oneself or others) or hatred, undertakes to not make this content public (that is visible by another person).

In the event of visible entry by surfers (public entry, anonymous public or public members), the misspellings and texting language are strictly prohibited.

4. Obligations of Diariste

The Member may request removal/correction of personal information relating to Diariste. According to the law, personal information about a member may be stored up to 2 years after closing his account, then they will be removed.

Diariste may be brought to use the email of the user to perform communications relating to the service, notify new comments or make it track messages sent by members. The Member may request to no longer receive automatic emails by Diariste in the settings of his diary or personal journal.

In accordance with the law, Diariste undertakes to delete the content / close the account of a member who infringes the law, once it will have been reported. The Act does not make the responsible host in principle moderation of content. All contact details and information concerning a member may be provided to the judicial authorities following a requisition sent to Diariste.

5. Guarantees

Diariste provides no guarantee about the protection of the information published by the Member. It is the responsibility of the Member to keep a backup copy of the content posted via the Service. The Member uses the Service at his own risk.

Diariste makes no warranties concerning the quality and the provided level of the service. In particular, Diariste may discontinue the service in a temporary and unexpected manner without any notice to the Member.

Diariste may not be held responsible for the consequences of the loss of information, the unavailability or malfunctioning of the Service.

6. Intellectual property

All content published by Diariste, broadcast pictures, logos and texts on the website cannot be reproduced without the permission of Diariste.

The Member remains the only holder of the copyright of the original content published on his personal diary or personal journal.

By publishing a public content on diarist, the Member grants a license global, non exclusive and free of royalties (including the right to sublicense), allowing to use diarist, copy, reproduce, process, adapt, modify, publish, transmit, display and distribute this content in any medium and any method of distribution (currently known or developed in the future). Diarist may thus use content that the Member will be published, although the Member cannot claim any compensation in respect of this content.

7. Virtual currency

Diariste vend de la monnaie virtuelle ou en met gracieusement à la disposition du Membre, lorsque Diariste souhaite faire une promotion. La monnaie virtuelle peut être utilisée pour acquérir des biens virtuels ou des services, qui sont décrits ci-dessous comme des "Objets". Si le Membre a droit à de la monnaie virtuelle, le Membre doit vérifier que son compte a été correctement crédité et informer Diariste immédiatement en cas de problème.

Diarist attracts the attention of the Member on the fact that the use of virtual currency is subject to restrictions.

Diariste peut modifier ou enlever à tout moment les Objets échangeables contre de la monnaie virtuelle ainsi que leurs prix. La monnaie virtuelle ne peut servir qu'à acquérir les Objets.

La monnaie virtuelle n'a aucune valeur intrinsèque et n'est pas la propriété du Membre. Le Membre peut uniquement l'utiliser pour acquérir les Objets que Diariste décide, à la seule discrétion de Diariste, de mettre en ligne. Diariste ne fournit aucune liquidité ni aucun remboursement en échange de la monnaie virtuelle (sauf obligation légale) et il n'existe aucun cours entre la monnaie virtuelle et la monnaie réelle. La monnaie virtuelle est pour la seule utilisation personnelle du Membre. Le Membre n'a pas le droit de la vendre, ou tenter ou encourager un tiers à adopter un tel comportement. La monnaie virtuelle et les Objets n'ont aucune valeur monétaire réelle. Le Membre ne peut en aucun cas échanger de la monnaie virtuelle contre de l'argent réel, des biens ou tout autre objet ayant une valeur monétaire réelle.

Diariste est en droit d'imposer toute restriction supplémentaire concernant l'acquisition ou l'utilisation de la monnaie virtuelle et des Objets. Par exemple, Diariste peut limiter le montant de monnaie virtuelle pouvant être acquis, détenu ou utilisé, et ce à tout moment. Diariste peut également imposer des restrictions selon le pays de résidence du Membre.

Diariste peut restreindre l'accès ou détruire de la monnaie virtuelle : (1) comme mentionné dans la rubrique "Description du Service" ci-dessus ; (2) si la monnaie virtuelle a été attribuée par erreur ; ou (3) si un achat de monnaie virtuelle est remboursé ou annulé.

Diariste peut à tout moment décider de mettre fin à l'ensemble de notre programme de monnaie virtuelle pour l'ensemble du site. Avant d'effacer la monnaie virtuelle non utilisée, Diariste s'efforcera de donner au Membre au moins 1 mois pour l'utiliser.

8. Applicable law

These terms of use constitute a contract between the Member and Diariste, and are governed by the French law. The French courts have the abilities to judge their validity, their interpretation and their consequences.

9 Cookies

Cookies are files created on the hard drive of your computer via the browser. We use these cookies only for the persistence of your diarist connection, do not reconnect everytime you come back. We do not use cookies to analyze the audience and to collect information about you.